H­­­­ere is the second idea from our series of articles that we want to share with you in order to help your company organize interesting team buildings and events. Whether your team is going through the storming phase or you just want to help them find some common ground, the following activities can boost morale and grow healthier teams. So, here it is…

Cocktails mixology workshop

The elements of a well-made cocktail work much like a team. Different spirits, liqueurs, sweeteners and citrus combined to make the perfect recipe for success. You team will love this activity, and you know why? Because we combine the three main reasons why people participate to events:


Who doesn’t want to amaze their guests with a special drink next time they visit? Learning how to create cocktails, how to combine the elements of a drink (it does not need to contain alcohol) keeps this activity interesting and engaging for your team.


Works well as either a freestanding program or a warm-up before a party, just to make sure everyone gets in the fun mood. It’s social. It’s casual. It’s interactive and competitive. Why? Because every team activity needs to have at least one good challenge. And the challenge here is for your team to have fun while creating different combinations of drinks, in order to win the contest for “The Most Cocktail”!


We don’t have enough time at work to interact with all our colleagues, because… meetings, deadlines, emails, focus. This type of team building is a great opportunity to network with the people that we don’t know that well, and maybe make new friends.

So, how will the cocktails mixology team building work?

  • The guests will be taught how to mix up delicious cocktails by expert bartenders. Of course, we start with the basics for preparing a cocktail, the elements of a great drink and classic cocktail recipes. The bartenders will guide and encourage the guests to use their creativity when preparing a cocktail.
  • We will split the audience into smaller groups. Each group will be provided with their own bar station, an array of premium spirits, fresh ingredients and all the necessary equipment to each make their own cocktail to enjoy.
  • Competition time! The teams will have to create their own cocktail mix with an original name and look. The teams will also have to work on their presentation and “sell” their new cocktail to the “judges” and other teams. Teams will be rewarded for teamwork, originality, mixing method, presentation and of course taste.

Your staff will leave the day feeling energized, motivated and with a reaffirmed appreciation for the company they’re in! And it just might go down in your company history as the best team building activity ever. 😊

Like the idea? Call us and we’ll have a proposal suitable for you in no time!