Spring has just arrived and it’s time for you to enjoy nature, sun and of course, outdoor parties. You can take advantage of the wonderful days to come, and start planning a company “Thank you” event for the employees and their families. So, why not organizing a picnic party for your colleagues to enjoy?

  • Corporate picnic party
  • Company picnic party

One of the best and most fun parts in planning your picnic party is choosing a type of food that will impress your guests. It doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional cook. The menu should reflect the theme of the party and of course, it has to be very tasty. We propose you, for instance, shish-kebab, burgers, hot dogs or other specialities. And if you incorporate the company’s branding in the plating, the effect is guaranteed.

The most important steps in organizing a picnic party are:

Decide your budget

We know that you want to offer your employees “la crème de la crème”, but it is good to start planning this event with a clear budget in mind.

Save the date

Depending on the other events or important projects your company has on the roadmap, the date of the event needs to be accessible and announced at least a few weeks in advance. Like this, your employees will be able to plan and clear their agenda for the best picnic party in town!

Book your location

It is good practice to make sure you have a location available for your party that can accommodate the number of guests you have in mind, before announcing it internally.

Choose a theme

The theme will set the expectations for your guests, and will give them a clear indication of why you are organizing this event. Choose a theme that is appealing and casual, helping your guests feel at ease during the event.

Create a menu for the picnic party

Depending on the theme and the budget, your imagination can now be set free. Creating the perfect menu is not an easy task, but there are professionals available to help you choose the food that would be most suitable to your theme and budget.

Pick interesting activities for your guests

Of course people will need to eat and drink, but once these two activities are checked, they will look around for things to do during the event. Make sure you provide them with options of activities that are interactive and engaging. Team activities are also important, as the picnic party is a great opportunity for your employees to get to know each other better outside the office.

Send out the invites

Give them the big news and warmly invite them to an unforgettable picnic themed party. Make the invites visually appealing for your guests to be, helping them imagine how much fun this would be.

Planning a picnic party may seem like a lot, but if you choose your to work with the right event planner and follow the above steps, the result is guaranteed – your picnic party will be a success!

  • Corporate picnic party