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MONDEVENTS is the corporate event planning company that will become your partner of choice in the creation of exceptional corporate events, from conferences, seminars and product launches to business anniversary celebrations and summer or winter parties. Our story is about partnerships and the benefits they bring: trust, certainty and time. Trust that we will choose the best solutions and ideas for your event, certainty that we will deliver what we promised and time to enjoy unique moments with your colleagues, business partners or customers. We strive to take corporate events to the next level by combining project management methodologies with the latest trends in events industry. You can dare to imagine the amazing. We will create it.
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What are the benefits of having corporate events?

A company that will not invest in its employees, business partners, customers and image will not be around for long. Listening to your employees, creating the environment for them to communicate and collaborate, boost team morale, show appreciation and reward are all musts in today’s corporate marketplace. So then, what are the benefits of [...]

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Trends in Corporate Events – Magical Performances

When it comes to organizing corporate events and parties, each event is different and unique in its execution. It takes dedication and tireless commitment from the organizer to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The easiest way to make sure everything goes as planned is to work with an event organizer that is flexible and [...]

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How to plan your company picnic party in a few steps

Spring has just arrived and it's time for you to enjoy nature, sun and of course, outdoor parties. You can take advantage of the wonderful days to come, and start planning a company "Thank you" event for the employees and their families. So, why not organizing a picnic party for your colleagues to enjoy? [...]

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Experience teamwork differently | Escape Games & City Quest

N­­­­o matter the age, we continue to like playing games that stimulate our imagination and creativity. Games are a great way to relax and disconnect from the daily tasks that require us to be serious and focused on business. And if played in teams, games have a magical way of connecting people and helping them [...]

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Experience teamwork differently | Collaborative art creation team building

A­­­­s we are just getting used to writing 2019 in our agendas, we’d like to present you with a new concept that will help your team become more creative in a culturally diverse workplace. For your next team-building we propose not taking yourselves too seriously and step into a magical world with us by [...]

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