N­­­­o matter the age, we continue to like playing games that stimulate our imagination and creativity. Games are a great way to relax and disconnect from the daily tasks that require us to be serious and focused on business. And if played in teams, games have a magical way of connecting people and helping them perform better together.

This is why, next time you want to organize a fun activity for your team, you should consider also what is known as Escape Games.

  • Escape games team building

Escape Games are similar to Sherlock Holmes stories, only that the main character will be your team. They will need to work together in order to uncover clues, solve smart puzzles, decipher encrypted hints, navigate maps and follow the secret path that will lead them to The Exit.

This is an activity that we can organize almost anywhere, including your office, the location of your team building, or even in city center. The created story will be personalized for your company, so the experience for your team will be unique and of course, branded.

Here are some examples of Escape Games that will be the salt & pepper of your next team building experience:

 1. City Quest

A city quest is actually a walking Scavenger Hunt through the city. The participants will be given a map and a series of encrypted clues that will lead them through a secret route. They will need to work together in order to identify the “stations” in the route, solve the clues that will lead them to the final destination, where of course, the mystery will be elucidated. A themed city quest can be created specifically for your company and it’s a great way to discover the city, have your team walk around different points of interest in the city and get to know each other better outside the office.

2. Mobile Escape Games

If you don’t have time to take your team out of the office for an escape game, we can come to your office and offer all your colleagues the opportunity to take a 30 minutes break from the daily routine. We just need an empty meeting room that we can transform into “the scene of the crime”. Don’t worry, we’re not going to repaint the walls, we’ll just add some mystery to the place and season it with smart puzzles, clues, soft details and a story worth discovering.

  • Escape the haunted forest

3. Escape the Haunted Forest

This team building programme aims to combine outdoor activities with escape games. The participants will have the opportunity to use their abilities in a captivating and dynamic game in Hoia Baciu forest.

Your team will be the main characters in a story and their main scope will be to escape the forest using all the resources available to them. The participants will receive clues, riddles and tools that will help them solve puzzles, open locks and follow well-established forest routes leading to success.

PS: It is good to mention that this activity will be done during day time. We really don’t want to find out if the Hoia Baciu forest legends are real… 😊

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