A­­­­s we are just getting used to writing 2019 in our agendas, we’d like to present you with a new concept that will help your team become more creative in a culturally diverse workplace. For your next team-building we propose not taking yourselves too seriously and step into a magical world with us by creating art from recycled materials or collaborative giant paintings.

  • Creative art workshop

Looking almost at any industry, be it technology, medical, music, art, culture, the best results came out of a blend and mix of collaboration. Creating ART is often described as an individual process of reflection, however, when a group of individuals from various backgrounds, interests, ages and abilities creates alongside each other, a whole host of interesting dynamics unfolds.

Each individual brings its own thoughts, personality and interpretations to the art process and as a group, participants communicate, collaborate and negotiate their sense of self, collectively.

Mondevents collaborated with several local artists, organizing creative workshops and collaborative giant paintings with the scope of using recycled materials and transform them into something we can use.

We saw how this type of activity stimulates creative thinking, which can drive the sort of business innovation that give companies and teams a competitive advantage.

  • Collaborative art creation teambuilding

Collaborative art creation team building: the benefits

  • The people will actually see how important it is to communicate and coordinate with the other teams when creating “the big picture”, as each smaller team will create its own piece of art that will be a piece of the bigger puzzle at the end of the activity.
  • Provide team bonding through transformation of recycled materials (be it plastic, wood, champagne corks or any other materials) into functional products and decorative objects.
  • Connect through an inspirational experience where we incorporate creativity, art jamming and art therapy into the process.
  • Stimulate, boost and unleash creative thinking as a team and increase team problem solving skills.
  • Besides promoting sustainability, recycling, reduce and reuse concept as responsible citizens, this type of activity can engage our creative mind and teach us how to be resourceful.
  • The debrief of the team building and bonding process will encourage your employees to reflect, review and learn from the event. Team members will get feedback from each other and explore how this process could be useful to their work place, team and personal life.

Like the idea? Call us and we’ll have a proposal suitable for you in no time!