T­­­­his is the first one out a of a series of articles that we want to share with you in order to help you address common issues in your teams. Whether your team is going through the storming phase or you just want to help them find some common ground, the following activities can boost morale and grow healthier teams. So, here it is…

Sushi cooking team building

Perfect for the team members that need a bit of positive energy in their interactions. The activity will address issues like communication and collaboration among the team members and in the same time will be fun and participative.

Why cooking?  Because coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world. This is why most teams go out for a nice dinner every now and then.

But what about cooking together and sharing the food with the people that you work with? We know it will be a different experience that can help the team members get to know each other better, create friendship relationships and really improve the way people interact or communicate.

And if you integrate the company’s brand and values into the activity, you get the perfect recipe for a great team-build…and sushi. ?

cooking contest

Tips & tricks for the activity:

  • You really need to have professionals teaching your team how to cook this type of food. Sushi is loved by almost everyone and the good news is there are types of sushi suitable also for the vegetarians. However, in order to offer the best possible experience for your team, work with the best chefs and stick with quality.

  • Integrate gamification into the team building. Of course we mean a contest between the teams, but make sure everyone wins something in the end, and not only experience. Split your team into smaller groups and give them different challenges that they must accomplish while cooking sushi, be it regarding the plating, the ingredients they use, creating e new type of sushi, and so on.
  • How do you feel when someone cooks for you? Exactly! Important, appreciated and closer to the person sharing food with you. At the end of the activity, make sure you sit down and enjoy the culinary delight that everyone helped prepare. Create memories that will stick with your team and will help them feel as among friends.

Like the idea? Call us and we’ll have a proposal suitable for you in no time!