From a PM: Corporate events project management

7 minutes' read, but worth it. I­­­­ don’t believe being organized is something we are born with, even though it can be considered a talent. I know that as a child, I only did my lessons if my mom reminded me to do so, or cleaned my room if she smiled and said: [...]

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From a PM: Corporate event risk management

I always plan projects. Even when I am talking about organizing corporate events. Everything can be seen as a project and having a structured approach in planning and risk management ensures that the events are delivered just as successful projects: entire scope on time and within budget. I would like to talk to you [...]

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FAQ: Why work with MONDEVENTS

I get this question a lot, either verbally or in the eyes of our future client. There are other companies that organize different types of events, like weddings, anniversary parties or corporate parties. So why should you work with us? Specialization W e are specialized in corporate events and we are familiar with the [...]

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