F­rom a very young age, I always negotiated with my parents what I wanted to obtain. Growing up, virtually almost anything I bought or earned had to be an awesome deal, so one way or another I had to calculate the marginal cost of any activity to get the best results.

Getting to adulthood, if we think about it, there is a virtuous cycle between productivity and people: Higher levels of productivity allow society to reinvest in human capital (most obviously, though not exclusively, via higher wages), and smart investments result in higher labor productivity.

So I started thinking about what Paul Krugman wrote more than 20 years ago: “Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything,”

Deep diving into the subject even more, I’ve read somewhere that all of this raises a chicken-or-egg question: Are we suffering from low productivity because we have under invested in human capital? Or are we unable to invest in human capital because structural factors are permanently reducing productivity?

We are not here to resolve all the productivity problems that a company might encounter, however we are here to support you in increasing your employee’s and partner’s productivity by investing in them.

Event planning can be a challenging affair, especially when it comes to The Budget. There’s simply so much to consider and prepare! That’s why a corporate event planner is the perfect partner in the endeavor of planning a budget.

Having this type of partner will help you prepare for every aspect of the event and ensure you save instead of overspending, keeping always in mind the benefits expected out of each event.

By partnering up with an Event Planner, you’ll be able to plan in detail and prepare for the unexpected.

An event budget is an estimation of the costs an event will incur based on plans made as well as research. Whether you are planning a small event or a large sophisticated one, your corporate event costs cannot exceed your budget. Make the best choices as you prepare for your event by using a budget plan.

Corporate event budget management

How to Create an Event Budget Plan

The best event planning occurs when organizers speak “the same language” with the companies, have a project management background and utilize the wide array of tools available to them.

Create the best event plan by choosing a Premium Corporate Partner that ensures you’ll have a clear Planning, Monitoring and Controlling process in place:


Developing the cost management plan which will define how the project costs are estimated, how the budget is created and how costs will be controlled.

  • Units of measure
  • Level of precision and level of accuracy – acceptable range of variance +/-10
  • Control thresholds – amount of variance allowed before taking action
  • Rules of performance management
  • Reporting formats
  • Additional planning details: funding info, cash flow expectations, overall cost recording

Below are a few examples of the aspects that the Event Planner will consider in and help you make the best decisions:

Facility Expenses

Facility expenses include money spent on acquiring the venue. Make a budget based on what you think would be a likely cost. Also consider hidden costs that may arise such as costs associated with security, lighting or heating.

Logistics (event insurance, contracts, permits, etc.)

Do you need special contracts, permits or insurance in hosting your event? Each of these considerations fall under logistics, an important aspect of any budget. Your ability to estimate how much this will cost will depend mainly on the venue of your corporate event.

Marketing & PR

Marketing is an important aspect of any event. It can account for a significant percentage of your corporate event budget, especially when organizers expect to gain profits through event entrance fees or other charges. Consider the tools you intend to use to market your event and make your choices based on which are most aligned with your budget.

Travel & Accommodation

Will your corporation need to provide accommodation for anyone who will attend the event? If so, how much will this cost? Though this can be an overlooked aspect of your budget, depending on the size and grandeur of the event, be sure to place this estimation at the forefront of your budget to avoid underestimating the finances you’ll need to make your event a success.


How much will food cost? This will depend on the number of people you expect to attend as well as how extensive the menu will be. Estimate costs according to the scale and type of event you are organizing.

Staff Compensation

To avoid financial difficulties that may arise due to a poorly budgeted event, also include staff compensation in your event plan. Event directors or managers will need to determine how many staff members will be required to organize and help facilitate a successful event. Determine how much time will be spent and the appropriate compensation required.

After planning the event, your Corporate Premium Partner will take serious actions in monitoring and controlling the budget. How?

Prepare for Adjustments

A budget is very much like writing a book. The process may require major adjustments, resulting in several drafts. The best project plans enable organizers to make these adjustments as often as necessary whether before, during, after or in between events.

Improve Budget Over Time

Researching expenditures, for instance regarding a choice of venue, may take time. You should include features that ensure flexibility.  This will empower the Event Planners to improve the budget as time goes by, or as they access details that they may not have known at the beginning of the budget planning process. Using an event ROI tool is helpful to get a comprehensive view of the value of your event—this will come in handy when you are quantifying your event and figuring out future budgets.

Always Include a Contingency Budget

The inclusion of a contingency budget helps a corporate event planer prepare for the things that may go wrong. It’s basically a written commitment to plan for the unexpected.

So act wisely, by choosing the Premium Corporate Partner that will enable you to adjust your budget, improve it over time and prepare for the unexpected regardless of what stage you are in your planning.